The way we work

Since 1989 we partner with a select set of leading global manufacturers to represent them in the Americas region. Together we design new collections, innovate on materials and packaging solutions, build powerful brands, and support our customers throughout the whole supply chain process.

We believe in long term partnerships and we are here for the long run and we are in every step of the way with local support

  • 50

    collaboratos worldwide

  • 20

    comercial presence in more than 20 countries Europe & America

  • 300

    mUSD sales per year

  • 15000

    containers & trucks per year

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We are Partners in the Plicosa Group, an international network of sales and buying organizations, which has historically grounded its growth and fame on the development and marketing of consumer goods for home, garden, and leisure, by using outsourced manufacturing expertise from around the world.

Our value proposition

  • 1. Market Data

    We gather information from multiple sources and use Business Intelligence tools to understand market trends, opportunities and assortment gaps.

  • 2. Assortment planningand product design

    We work closely with big retailers to plan seasonal events, curate assortments, and select styles and trends to apply to their collections.
    Our design team brings innovative products to market every season developing new shapes, colors, textures and packaging solution that suit each market.

  • 3. Manufacturingand sourcing

    Our manufacturing facilities are inspected and approved for the toughest and highest standards in the world.
    We work with high quality and innovative materials, with scale that ensures best prices.

  • 4. Quality assuranceand CSR

    Certified quality control at every step of the process.
    Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR” expertise that ensures secure productions across the entire supply chain.

  • 5. Shipping and importing

    Assistance through the import process to provide all documentation and labels as required by each county’s regulation.

  • 6. Aftersales service

    Our media team supplies a complete set of marketing materials (photos, 3-D models, assembly instructions) to all of our retail partners covering everything needed to have a first in class online content.
    Local after-sales services teams troubleshoot any issues occurring throughout the selling season.